Jars - Dashi

The honest beauty of the irregular material and the deep, contrasting glazes is revealed in these unique ceramic pieces with their strong relief, where the hand of the craftsman has left its mark.
The Dashi collection is the perfect escape, with bowls and spoons for imagining broths, ramen or rice dishes.

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  • Revol - Equinoxe

    This subtle constellation of plates and crockery brings an otherwordly poetry to the dining table. Named after the astronomical phenomenon, it suits light, audacious cooking. Inspired by Asian aesthetics, the plates and dishes inspire boldness and culinary reinvention.

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  • Riedel - Vivant Collection

    Riedel Vivant Collection brings you wine glasses from a company that has been at the forefront of glassware for over 2 centuries. This wine glass collection is crafted in lead-free Tyrol crystal. Choose from red, white, champagne or whisky 4 piece sets for wine and more.

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  • Kitchen Equipment

    With a combined 40+ years of experience, and an extensive network of suppliers, we offer the best in food service and catering equipment throughout South Africa and beyond. Our team is ready to take on your every need - from domestic to hospitality applications.

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